This time for sure!

Once upon a time every respectable salesman wore a hat. Why not? I’ll be saying more about hats that are present and missing as we discuss business folkways in the 21st Century. You would think a lot has changed, and that’s true enough. But an awful lot stays the same, starting with people!

More to come …

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One Response to This time for sure!

  1. Maurice Howe says:

    Somehow I fell in the “no hat req’d” crack. Never owned one; at least not the fedora kind of hat. Several straw hats on the farm when I was growing up. And assorted snug head covers when clear walks & driveways in Endwell, NY. But those weren’t “HAT” hats. Caps? Seems like the place is littered with caps, from Rotary, Honor Guard, Korean War Vets, etc. ‘Nuff…

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